Shingle Roofing, Airdrie Alberta

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Shingle roofs are one of the most common roofing methods used in homes. There are several different shingles forms and styles and it is a perfect way to improve the look of your home. One of the first things people notice as they walk by your home is the roof. 
There are several shingle roofing options that are available to homeowners, including: 
​•    Asphalt Shingles
•    Fiberglass Shingles
•    Wood Shingles
•    Slate Shingles 
•    Metal Roofing
•    Tile Roofing
•    And more!

Each material comes with its own advantages and character, and we will ensure that your roof suits your personal budget and style when you call Airdire Roofing Services. We will make sure you have the roof you’re looking for at a cheaper cost than those other guys, from conventional to anything with a little Spanish flair. 

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Not only are asphalt shingles the most  inexpensive roofing material, but they are incredibly durable. An asphalt shingle built properly will last upwards of 30 years. They are powerful and reliable in terms of energy and are the most common option for any home. 

More resistant to burn, fibreglass shingles are used as a mat for conventional asphalt shingles. By providing better protection from fires than just conventional asphalt shingles alone, they can create a safer home when used together. Best of all, for not much more money, fibreglass helps insulate your home better. 

Wood shingles can potentially outperform and outlast asphalt shingles when properly built, and can last for decades. Wood shingles often offer a degree of personality and elegance not reached by other forms of roof tile with their construction. If you are looking for a sturdy roof with added personality, then have a wood roof built for you today by Airdrie Roofing Services! 
Slate roofing tiles have superior water and freezing resistance than other roofing materials. They will last up to 100 years when slate roofs are placed on by experienced professionals, such as those at Airdrie Roofing Services! 

Metal roofs are made of low-galvanized metal, providing a great-looking, affordable option. And a metal roof built by a professional will last upwards of 50 years, ensuring it remains durable, albeit inexpensive. 
Tile roofing brings a great Mediterranean or Spanish influence to your home and is a genuine eye catcher. They are also one of the most robust roof styles and will last a lifetime when installed correctly.
​​You need to call Airdrie ​Roofing Services today, whatever your style or budget needs!