Flat Roofing, Airdrie Alberta

Flat roofs provide a cost effective alternative to other common forms of roofing. They are great for providing extra insulation, improved fire prevention are less expensive and reliable.
At Airdrie Roofing Service our qualified roofing contractors will install your flat roof professionally that will last for decades without needing roof repair or replacement.
Rest assured that if your flat roof does need repair our experienced technician will provide you a great roof at a reasonable price.

Many flat roofs are installed with a tar, paper, and stone system, but more advanced systems are available today. We have options to install elastomeric plastic sheeting, single ply EPDM membranes, PVC, polyethylene sheets, or polymer-modified bitumens.  These newer forms of flat roof Can provide you with:

  • Better Insulation
  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Better Protection against elements such as rain, wind and hail

Call one of our roofing contractors to discuss your best needs and budget 
Your flat roof is your first line of defense to keep your home safe dry and warm.  Call Airdrie Roofing to get the best flat roofing install at the best price